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Create a more comfortable home environment while saving money on heating and cooling costs with the best attic insulation Dayton has to offer.

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Gone are the days when people left their attics unkempt and unattended to. Essentially, the condition of your attic insulation determines how comfortable the temperature of your home is.

You can benefit from spray foam attic insulation in Dayton if you have the following issues:

  • The walls and floors of your home become extra cold in the winter
  • You pay heavily for heating and cooling services
  • Air in your home becomes unbearable in summer when the A/C is off

If you experience any of these poor insulation symptoms, new attic insulation is what you need. It will undoubtedly impact the transfer of heat and the flow of air in your home while increasing the level of comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

There are several methods of attic insulation, the most common of them is the fiberglass insulation batts. But as common as this insulation method is, it has many flaws.

The fiberglass insulation method involves placing batts between studs in walls and roof panels. But one of the flaws of this method is the lack of an airtight seal. The conditioned air you just paid for will slip out and heat or cold will enter your living area.

Alternatively, with spray foam, you get a completely air tight seal that ensure no conditioned air escapes from the attic. We encourage you to learn more about other types of insulation to determine what best suits your needs.

Spray Foam for Attic Insulation

There are two types of spray foam – open-cell and closed-cell. They are both used for residential insulation. Depending on what you’re insulating, we’ll recommend either open or closed-cell foam.

For walls and soundproofing, we almost always suggest open-cell. But for attic insulation, you want the best bang for your buck. That’s where we’ll tell you to go with the closed-cell spray foam.

Please note that although closed-cell is more expensive, it is more efficient than open-cell foam insulation.

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Dayton’s Most Effective Attic Insulation

Combined with an airtight seal within your attic and the insulating power of closed-cell foam insulation, this is the most effect attic insulation Dayton has to offer. Year round you’ll enjoy the tremendous benefits of this technology.

  • Energy savings of 30% to 40%, perhaps even greater
  • An evenly heated or cooled living environment
  • Prevention of mold and mildew growth
  • Attic insulation that will never need replacing
  • Improved air quality within your home
  • An environmentally friendly home improvement
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